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The Earthquake Project is my effort at summarization, presentation, and analysis of earthquake trends.

In this section, you'll find a lot of visuals showing earthquake trends from as far back as I can get data up to the current day. Data is updated daily, with the "recent activity" being updated hourly.

Any suggestions on earthquake data sources, analysis techniques, presentation of data are welcome! Please send suggestions to:
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Click one of the menu items above to select that analysis, or click a graph below to see more details. 
Recent is earthquakes in the past few days, Historical earthquake trends, and Geographic shows
maps of where earthquakes have ocurred.

Last 135702 Hours 1973 to 2013
by month
1973 to 2013
by year
Last 24 Hours: 0 (No Current Data) (No Current Data)
(usgs-neic) (usgs-neic) (usgs-neic)
The graphs above represent summaries of activity; first, over the last few days, then a summary of 
earthquake activity by month, and finally a summary of activity by year. You can click on any of these
graphs for more detailed analysis.

The numbers below each graph give an index of just how active the current time period is. In each
case, 50 represents an 'average' activity (but note that daily numbers are much more volatile than
monthly or yearly).

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SourceDescription and WebsiteData Available
 usgs-neic  US Geological Survey - National Earthquake Information Center   1973 - 2013